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Security Trusteeship is a contractual arrangement amongst Borrower, Lenders (Banks, FIs and NBFCs) and the Security Trustee. This arrangement is established by executing a document called Security Trustee Agreement (STA).

Security Trustee co-ordinates with Lender, Borrowers and all the agencies involved in the chain.

Take care of all documents and creation of charges on all type of Securities.

Lenders can down sell or divest their stake to incoming lenders with minimal documentation.

Enforcement of the security when required by the lenders and distribution of the sale proceeds without prejudice.

Enforcement of Security in the interest of debenture holders (in case of default).

Initiate Recovery process as per terms and conditions of Security Trustee Agreement.

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Recruitment Company Secretary
Recruitment for the post of Assistant Vice President- Company Secretary, (on contract basis) for its registered office at Mumbai. For more details, please log on to Kindly download the Recruitment details from the website: and submit the application form online. Last date of Online Submission of applications is 26th May 2023.Company reserves its right to accept or reject any/all application without assigning any reasons whatsoever.